Mobile Academy

The Mobile Academy is our attempt to reach out to the kids who cannot reach us.

It all started with kids from different areas sending their queries and the most pertaining question being: “When will PUFA open somewhere near their locality ?”

The project is dedicated to all those aspiring kids who want to develop into great Footballers. The Mobile Academy is also one way of spotting talented kids who other wise are not noticed.

The camps are conducted and supervised by FA (Football Association of England) licensed coaches and normally run for 7 days.

The Academy can also have camps which are custom made and could last from 5 – 10 days.

Grate emphasis are given on developing technical abilities and skill. Important subjects like nutrition and recovery, speed, agility and quickness are included in the programme. All participants are provided with feed back and a performance profile record which will help them in setting reality based goals for themselves.

Schools/colleges/clubs interested in holding a camp can contact us at: