Player Development

At youth level the focus should be on developing a better player with strong mental and technical skills, which helps each individual attain his or her optimum level of performance. This brings us to the focus of our program- ENJOYMENT, EDUCATION and EXCELLENCE.

P.U.S.A has designed a development path for player of all ages and abilities to progressively take their performances (skill etc) to the next level. As educators our goal is to ignite interest in players that enjoy the sport and take serious players to higher standards and beyond.

Our Academy will run through out the year where players are taught the principle of football through well – structured curriculum ensuring that they are prepared to graduate to the next level/program.

We provide constructive feedback and evaluation to ensure that the learning has taken place.

Classes typically include: Goal scoring, soccer science and tactical.

Goal Scoring

The Academy goal scoring classes are not just about shooting goals. They are about finishing. The art of scoring is often only addressed under the guise of shooting drills. Players will learn how to make correct decisions in front of goal as well as all the technical development necessary to become a feared goal scorer

Soccer Science

Soccer science is all about individual skill development and ball mastery. Without ball mastery a player can never reach his or her full potential. Soccer science introduces a player to a variety of turns, moves and skills that will greatly enhance any player’s performance level on the field.


Once a player has a solid technical foundation in the game then their ability to make the correct decision in a given situation becomes key factor. The Academy‘s tactical classes put players in decision-making situations and work through scenarios and options to promote tactical awareness.

The following subjects are covered at P.U.F.A

Technical / Skill Development:

  • Running with the ball.
  • Turning with the ball
  • Passing.
  • Dribbling
  • Shooting
  • Heading.
  • Control.

Nutrition For Soccer Players:

  • Routine for pre-game
  • Tournament nutrition
  • Maximize energy / minimize fatigue.

Psychological Aspects of Soccer:

  • Goal setting
  • Mental imagery “ seeing is believing”

Tactical Awareness

  • Speed,
  • Strength,
  • Agility Conditioning
  • Recovery

Code of Conduct


Always motivate yourself to give your best.


Lead by example, be the best person you can.


Listen to you parents, teachers and coaches. Always keep an open mind and ask questions.


Be prepared and be punctual. Respect the people, equipment and place where you play.


Give your best at all times and encourage others.

Fair Play

Learn to win and lose with the same degree of dignity.